IAU 5th Global Survey

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Internationalization of Higher Education: An Evolving Landscape, Locally and Globally

An invaluable resource for anyone interested in the internationalization of higher education

Based on input from 907 HEIs in 126 different countries, the IAU 5th Global Survey Report is the most geographically comprehensive collection and analysis of primary data on internationalization of higher education ever undertaken. It covers all aspects of internationalization from policy and activities to research, human resources and staff development, student mobility and the design of curricula.

254 pages

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Since 2003, IAU has conducted regular Global Surveys on Internationalization of Higher Education to gain a thorough understanding of the potential benefits, risks and challenges associated with internationalization processes at HEIs around the globe. These surveys have proven extremely helpful, providing the required support to governments, institutions and individuals as they develop or update their internationalization strategies, approaches, policies and activities.
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